Why is water still the best drink?

Although we believe that we are all familiar with the recommendations for enough water intake, we decided to offer you a deeper explanation of why you actually need to frequently consume this essential drink.

The human body is composed of almost 65% water and it simply can not function without it. Reducing the amount of water in the body by only 2% can cause dehydration, short-term memory loss and difficulties in concentrating. These are just a few of the threats your body is exposed to if neglect proper water intake is neglected.


And now, the benefits:

Natural medicine 

Dehydration affects the blood circulation, but the problem actually starts when the brain activity begins to decrease, so the whole body feels exhausted. Water keeps the digestive system under control and cleans up the waste substances, by means of which it frees our body from toxins. By drinking enough water, your skin gets a natural glow. There is no medical worker who does not agree that water is the foundation of health. It is simply indispensable for proper functioning of the body.

Weight loss 

Water is an important catalyst in losing weight. Although most of us ignore its importance, water is probably the only "magic" potion that helps us to permanently reduce weight. Water naturally suppresses the appetite and helps the body break down fat. Studies show that the decreased intake of water causes an increase in fat.

Less pain in the legs and feet 

When you do not supply the body with sufficient amount of water, our body sees it as a threat to its survival and begins to retain every drop of it. Water is stored in the external cells, which is manifested in swollen feet, legs and hands. The best solution to this problem is to give the body what it demands - more water.

Disposes excessive salt 

By taking a sufficient amount of water, we help our body to dispose the excessive and unnecessary amount of sodium from the body, though the renal activity.

It is the best to drink water cold, because it is easier to absorb. If you want to improve the intake of water in the body, be sure to drink one glass at each meal and between meals. In addition, keep in mind that coffee with friends should always be accompanied by Gorska :)