Use more water to prevent seasonal allergies

Flowers cause tears to many of us, but not always in a romantic way.  In addition to the increased concentration of pollen and dust, seasonal allergies may be intensified by some other factors that often we are not aware of.

Tears in the eyes, stuffy nose, endless sneezing  ... These are some of the symptoms that make great part of the population crazy during the seasonal allergies to pollen and dust. People  allergic to pollen and dust can mitigate these symptoms by changing some habits that intensify allergic reactions.

Afternoon shower

If you tend to shower in the morning instead of in the evening, you may need to change this habit. The particles of pollen and dust floating in the air throughout the day stick to your clothes, hair and skin - so it is best to remove them with a long and relaxing shower before they even come in contact with all the rooms in your home.

Avoid swimming in indoor pools

Chlorine, which is in the pools, irritates the eyes and the respiratory tract, especially in the indoor pools where there is lack of oxygen. Research shows that teens who spend more than 100 hours in indoor pools rich in chlorine, have a seven times greater risk of getting hay fever than the teenagers who use non-chlorinated pools.

Sleep more, stress less

People who suffer from seasonal allergies experience intensified  symptoms when exposed to stressful situations. This is due to the increased secretion of antibodies and proteins responsible for allergic reactions. If you are prone to stress, the effects of the allergy can be eased only with the right amount of sleep. Lack of sleep increases stress, and thus an allergic reaction.

Consume more Gorska water

How much do you follow the recommendation to consume 8 glasses of water a day? Although the recommended amount can vary depending on the physical activity during the day and may be higher or lower,  keep it in mind if you suffer from allergies. Doctors believe that asthma and seasonal allergies can be stabilized and corrected by consuming more water. Water causes redirection of histamine production  because it has a major role in the regulation of water and in the organism’s hydration control programs. People suffering from asthma or have allergic reactions to pollen should pay attention to the daily consumption of adequate amounts of water and salts, and should reduce the intake of coffee and alcohol.

Don’t wait to sneeze to be said “Bless you” but be blessed and make a toast with the highest quality oligomineral water Gorska! :)