Tips for weight reduction for the upcoming summer

The main thing you need to do to in order to reduce weight is to decrease your intake of food , i.e. the daily amount of calories. Self-control, combined with exercise, will bring significant results.

Eat more vegetables 

The trick is to replace what you normally eat with vegetables (for example, instead of eating bread, one of your meals shall consist of salad only). Also you can eat vegetables combined with sauce, instead of eating chips.

Use smaller plates 

To reduce the amount of calories you take, you can also use this psychological trick. People are accustomed to consuming everything they have on the plate, so serve food in smaller plates. But remember - eat only what you have put in your plate, do take second helping.

Do not skip meals 

The worst thing in skipping meals is that you then feel even a greater need to eat and thus with the next meal, you will take much more than necessary. Although it appears logical to reduce the number of meals, what you actually have to do is the quantities you eat. Eat more often during the day, but the food shall be in smaller quantities. So, you will be full and you will not feel like something has been banned. Instead having three big meals, distribute the food in five small meals per day, each of them  consisting of healthy products.

Drink more Gorska water

Water is the key factor for hydration and proper functioning of the body, but it will also prevent you from excess intake of food. Moreover, intake of calories can be reduced by drinking Gorska water with lemon instead of drinking calorie alcoholic or soft drinks. Consuming water has more health benefits, so always bring your bottle of Gorska water with you :)

Assess when to stop eating 

Many of us eat until the moment they feel overeat. The trick is to stop eating when you no longer feel hungry, no matter what your plate still has food on.

Come to Gorska on the move 

Exercising in company is easier and more fun, and doing the right exercises will dramatically accelerate the loss of weight. Gorska, in cooperation with the professional team of Trinity, organizes free outdoor exercising every Wednesday at 19, for a period of 1 hour.  Register for your participation here and join us for fun and friendship, to mutually work on healthier body and spirit.