Spring refreshment of the market – Gora pulp juices

Recently, the company "Koding Gorska" launched a new product on the market, thus expanding its portfolio with Gora pulpy – non-carbonated pulp juices. GORA pulp juices are manufactured in 4 flavors - lemon, orange, tangerine and mango, packed in 1,5 liter PET packaging. The company "Koding Gorska dooel" started the production of GORA juices in 2008. Since then, the range of GORA products, following the world trends and the consumer needs, is constantly expanding, first with non-carbonated juices, then carbonated drinks and ice teas, and finally GORA pulp juices.

The employees of Gorska say: "We are constantly working on development and promotion of our products. The introduction of Gora Pulpy was a challenge for us, primarily because this kind of product was launched on the Macedonian market for the first time. After a long analysis and work on this project, we are proud that we have managed to bring new freshness to the market. "

GORA juices are filled with natural spring Gorska water and contain natural fruit concentrates produced by world renowned companies, Wild from Germany and Etol - Frutarom from Slovenia. The manufacturing process and the quality of GORA juices meet the highest world standards, which is reflected by the numerous awards and certificates, as well as the consumers’ feedback.

GORA pulp juices offer refreshment containing vitamins, rich nutrition and liquids needed to maintain hydration throughout the day. By consuming two cups of Gora Pulpy, the average daily vitamin needs of the human body are met.

Gora, the rhythm of freshness