Exceptionally high quality of GORSKA is based on the high purity of its springs. Spring Trnskot is located on 1100 meters height, in the picturesque landscapes of the mountain Kozuf. The villagers from Konopishte, where the bottling plant for GORSKA is located, say that in the course of centuries, the story about the beauty of the spring where the residents cooled off along the river bed of Boshava, was passed from generation to generation.

Nobody knows the exact time of existence of the spring, but it’s assumed that the water coming out of it was accumulated for centuries in the natural underground reservoirs in the mountain Kozuf. The residents of Konopishte narrate that many armies including the Alexander’s phalanx, passing through this region, freshened up with the water of this springs. Legend of the “immortal water”, says that only Alexander poured water from it. This “stories” are magnificent connection between the historic truth and imagination of folk creator.

This water is widely recognized for its pleasant taste and freshness, and its’ favorable and curable effects.Passing through many layers of mineral rocks, in the process of natural filtration, the water manages to keep unchanged its unique mineral balance.

Filled up directly from the spring, GORSKA is completely untouched from humans, so that everyone everywhere can enjoy its crystal clear natural taste.