The role of drinking water on the brain functions

Drinking water and brain functions are directly linked. Lack of water can cause a number of symptoms such as problems with focus (blurring), memory problems, mental fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, anger, depression, etc.

Over 70% of our body is composed of water and every function in our body depends on it, including the function of the brain and the nervous system.

Water and brain energy

The brain is one of the most important organs which keeps us strong and provides us with energy. We need about 85% of water, which is a huge amount of water, so that the brain can function properly.

Water supplies the brain with energy for all brain functions, including thinking and memory processes. When the brain is functioning with the necessary amount of water, we are capable of faster thinking, better focus, mental clarity and creativity.

The daily hydration will not only help you think better, but can also serve as prevention against the disorder related to lack of attention in children and adults. The importance of drinking water throughout the day for good brain function, is that the brain has no other way to intake water. When you lose more water than you take, it will left traces on the brain functions.

Water and the brain symptoms of dehydration

Dehydration causes that your brain "turns off" and becomes unable to work at full speed. Some of the mental symptoms associated with dehydration are: mental confusion, afternoon fatigue, problems with focus, depression, anger, emotional instability, fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, stress and lack of mental clarity and alertness.

Dehydration is also a known factor for dementia and it is believed that proper hydration may even prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and certain types of sclerosis. Water is essential for providing nutrients to the brain and removing toxins. When the brain is fully hydrated, the exchange of nutrients and toxins is more efficient and thus provide better mental concentration and alertness.

ВWater and brain challenges

Brain inflammation is commonly associated with various types of brain challenges (especially injuries) and often results in inability of the body to detoxify harmful substances from the brain. When the body is dehydrated, the detoxification problem associated with the inflammation, deteriorates.

Free radicals such as radiation, pollutants, pesticides and toxic metals, pass freely through the sources of blood supply to the brain and in order to stop the numerous free sources of radicals that attack the brain and cause inflammation, you need powerful antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory agents.


Recommendations for water and brain function

Water supplies the brain with the essential energy, maintains nerve signals, provides nutrients and removes toxins. Drinking enough water on daily basis, keeps the brain full of  energy for optimum function.

If you want your brain to function well and to receive and send signals to other parts of your body, first make sure you take the required amount of water.

Moreover, it is also important what type of water you drink.

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