Role of amino acid L-carnitine in the human body

Горска Л -Карнитин

More and more scientific studies illustrate the positive effect of Carnipure for optimizing the performance in physically active people, reducing fatigue and improving the process of recovery. Amino acid L-carnitine is a nutrient found in food and in the human body. The organs and cells having high energy requirements, such as the heart, the muscles, the immune cells, the brain and the nerves contain the highest levels of L-carnitine, and they can not function normally without its adequate supply. Additional intake of Carnipure (special type of L-carnitine), produced in the Swiss manufacturing sciences company - Lonza, being at the same time an integral part of Gorska Sport drink, helps maintain health and optimize the quality of life. After hard exercise, this drink enables  quality rehydration, while L-carnitine as an internal coach, plays a crucial role for the following purposes:

• Production of energy from fat,

• Achievement of physical stamina,

• Speeding ​​up the recovery after exercise

• Supplying the heart and the immune cells with energy, and

• Prevent deposition of fat during exercise.

 After intense exercise, the most famous athletes and nutritionists recommend intake of additional L-carnitine, contained in Gorska Sport L-carnitine, in order to replenish the lost liquids and provide for quality rehydration and general health.