Caring for their health, the consumers choose drinking water with great attention to. The trend of consuming packaged, laboratory tested water all around the world, even among us is greater. Water has a positive effect, not only for the amount of consumed water but also we should be careful about its quality. If the organism is introduced into water with good quality, than general condition of the body will be satisfactory.

In its long period through natural mineral filters, fully protected from the touches of the outside world, the structure of GORSKA is enriched with different minerals. Because of its extremely balanced and stable mineral composition, it is characterized by light and refreshing taste.

The amount of water that must be consumed in the body depends on the daily balance between the amount of consumed water and the amount that is lost. Potassium is one of the major ions in the cell whose significance is equal to that of sodium in the liquid outside the cell. These minerals that GORSKA contains in approximately equal percentages are responsible for the balance of water in the body, namely for maintenance of osmotic pressure in the cell.

The unique balance of calcium and magnesium allows GORSKA to refresh yourself, while at the same time it fills the lost body fluids and makes you feel healthy.

Water GORSKA with its low percentage of representation of the minerals and with the concentration of dry residue of only 168 mg/l, is set at top of high quality low-mineral waters. GORSKA’s huge advantage over other waters is its natural low-mineral composition. It allows the consumption of water in unlimited quantities without undue burden on the body.