"Koding Gorska" - the first environment-friendly Factory in the region

"Koding Gorska" company started using renewable energy, thus becoming the first factory manufacturing  water and juices in the region, having an environment-friendly production.

The use of renewable energy was introduced in September 2020.

Sustainable lifestyle is just one step forward towards greater environmental awareness and it is an important factor in establishing balance between man and nature - the employees of the company say.

Using the sun as a source of renewable energy brings about savings on electricity between 35-40 percent annually. Thanks to the photovoltaic electricity generation system with installed power of 614 kW, CO2 emissions are prevented and emission of hazardous gasses is reduced.

In this way, we contribute to the protection of the environment and the improvement of everyday life.

We protect nature and take care of the environment, thinking about the future! - the employees of "Koding Gorska" say.