The importance of drinking water in the winter months

We are all aware that drinking more water during the summer months is extremely important. But, did you know that drinking sufficient quantity of water during the cold winter months is almost equally essential?

A refreshing glass of water is not always our first choice of drink in the cold winter days. As temperatures drop in winter, we often reach for something warm, like tea, coffee, hot chocolate or hot soup. However, this intuitive choice is not always the right decision to make. Body dehydration inhibits the proper functioning of the immune system and thus we become more inclined to colds. Therefore, you need to drink enough water to stay healthy in these cold periods. In order to achieve this, try to replace the hot drink with a bottle of Gorska water at least once a day, thus succeeding in reducing the calorie intake and contributing to improving your health.

As temperatures drop, we are often surrounded by various heat sources such as central heating, air conditioners or heaters. These sources of heat, combined with the several layers of warm clothing, create further dehydration of our skin and body. Drinking eight glasses of Gorska water a day, helps maintain balance of fluids in the body and have healthy and fresh skin.

This winter, make the best choice for your health and do not forget to drink the recommended daily quantity of water. The recommended quantity can vary depending on your weight and height, but 8 glasses of Gorska water daily is the minimum daily quantity which helps you stay healthy and fit during the winter.