How to easily survive hot summer days?

Nowadays, we are witnessing tropical temperatures in our region, so we are sure you are wondering how to easily spend the day and be able to function normally. Here are some practical tips that you should keep in mind.

Wear bright and light clothing

Bright clothing is recommended for these hot days. You may look better in black clothes, but forget them at temperatures over 30°C. It is important to wear light and comfortable clothes. Pay attention to the fabric they are made from, because some fabrics do not wick away moisture and can cause problems to your body, such as excessive sweating, dehydration and even shock.

Hat and sunglasses 

You need to constantly have these details with you. Don’t go out without protecting your eyes with sunglasses and without a hat, which shall be big enough to prevent direct sun on your head.

Light, liquid food 

Do not even think of roast meat, hamburgers or similar dishes while the weather is so hot and the air is so polluted from city traffic.  Thus, you can only complicate the already complex situation.  Consume soups, stews, and similar liquid dishes. Have liquid meals several times per day. Such diet will help you rehydrate the body, keep digestion normal and live through the hot day.

Your body runs on water 

Yes, this should not even be mentioned, because surely you understand just how much water your body needs during these heats. In summer, the body releases water literally from everywhere.  That is why we need to take as much water as possible. If you're out, do not forget to bring your bottle of Gorska water with you and to use it repeatedly. We emphasize that natural spring water is much richer in minerals, which further contribute to proper hydration of the body.

Walk slowly 

You should not walk in the period from 10 to 16, but in fact, this is sometimes inevitable. Take your time. Walk slowly and periodically stop and rehydrate. Do not hurry or run in periods when the sun is at its peak, since overheating your body may bring about adverse consequences.