How to drink more water?

 Proper and continuous hydration is essential for our body. Drinking water, although being one of the basic human needs, is often something we forget to do during the day and that makes us feel tired, with decreased energy and headaches. Therefore we decided to offer you a few tips that you might apply if you want to consume more water and be healthier.

1.  Add some sort of natural sweetener to the water, such as lemon, orange or mint. For maximum flavor, put it in the fridge a few hours before drinking.

2. Eat hot food. Adding even a small amount of hot spices, such as hot pepper in your meal, will automatically make you have a bigger bottle of Gorska water and drink more water during the meal. As an additional bonus, hot peppers further boost metabolism and help burn calories.

3. Install an application on your phone that makes you drink more water or set a reminder. There are a number of free applications for Android and iOS which can help you keep track of the quantity of water you plan to drink that day, and how much you have actually drunk.

4. Keep a bottle of Gorska water with you at all times. We often forget to drink water when we attend long work meetings, when we spend hours of work in front of the computer or when we travel long periods during the day. If you have a bottle of Gorska water beside you in each of these moments, it will be much easier to remind yourself of the need to consume water constantly, i.e., throughout the whole day.

5. Always have a bottle of Gorska water with you when you go to the gym, or when you go jogging in order to make up for the lost water during physical activity. Our 1 liter „chubby“ bottle is a great companion to those who are constantly active.

6. When you go to lunch or dinner in a restaurant, instead of juice, order a bottle of Gorska water. This is great for saving money and reducing the total calorie intake.

7. Drink a glass of Gorska water before the meal. This will help you eat just as much as you are hungry, without confusing the need for water with the need for food.

8. Get into a routine of whenever going out, you drink water between the alcoholic drinks. Ideally, apart from ordering alcohol drinks, you should order a bottle of Gorska water, as well. Alcoholic drinks tremendously dehydrate the body and therefore it is necessary to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you take during the evening. Moreover, do not forget to drink another glass of water before going to bed that night.