Gorska Voda establishes cooperation with the "Green Development Platform" Association

As a socially responsible company, Gorska Voda has been involved in a number of humanitarian activities for years.This time, the company provided its support and cooperated with the "Green Development Platform" Association.

"It is an organization that is focused on introducing the concept of green development, and has recently started the implementation of the "Ploutos" international project. This project includes a series of activities related to the process of food donation and solving the food waste problem. With our participation, that is, the donation of our products to SOS Children's Village, we believe that we will contribute to providing help where it is most needed and necessary.


Each of us has a full right to access clean water, so if there is no opportunity it should be created. We are proud to say that we are a socially responsible company. We always take care of the environment and think about the future, and therefore GORSKA Voda is one of the first factories in the region that uses green energy, that is, renewable alternative energy sources. We use the sun as an energy source, without CO2 emissions and harmful gases." - the Company stated.

The uniqueness of GORSKA in relation to other water brands is precisely its low mineral composition that allows water to be consumed in unlimited quantities, without any unnecessary strain on the body.