Gorska- loyal supporter of the "Business League of Macedonia"

This year as well, Gorska will be a part of the most elite amateur competition in futsal- Business league of Macedonia. In the new 2019/20 season Gorska, same as last year, will take care of refreshing and revitalize the participants at this sporting event, which for a 10th year in a row, has been bringing together in one place the best athletes from the business sector in our country.

This year the league set a new record with 27 companies participating at the amateur competition on the entire Balkan region.

For many years Gorska, as a socially responsible company, has been constantly striving to foster the sporting spirit through her own projects and in the role of supporter of this type of sporting event.

Everything is ready for a tumultuous cheer for exciting and uncertain matches. We wish all the participants good luck!