Gorska at the "Amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom in Mavrovo"

This year the Company KODING-GORSKA had its own team representing it at the “Amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom”, which has contributed a lot over the years for those who really need  additional help for their sincere smile.

The event took place from 15-17 February in Mavrovo.

This year under the motto we are skiing “FOR WARM CLOTHES AND FOOD”, KODING-GORSKA supported the civic association “Svetulka”, a participant and partner to the civic initiative “Retweet a meal”. All the funds raised from the participating teams part were used to rebuild and extend the kitchen in which the cooking is done, logistics and providing resources for meals for the purpose of providing a meal to those lacking the funds afford it on daily basis. Also, winter packages (a backpack with warm clothes and vitamins) for those who really need it to keep themselves warm during the cold winter days.