The process of production of packaged water consists of two stages:

  • First stage is treatment of water, filtered through “polish filters” free of chemicals, so that the natural chemical structure can be kept.
  • Second stage of the production process of packaged water is filling and packing in appropriate packages.

Whole process of filling the water GORSKA is organized according to “Ultra Clean” technology for the manufacture of packaged water, which meets the highest standards of hygiene healthy, safe and quality products.

In order to completely satisfy all tastes, the water is packed in PET and glass packaging. It is sold as still, carbonated and carbonated with a lemon taste, and it covers all segments of the market: Family PET packaging of 6 liters, 1.5 liters, 1 liter, 0.5 liters and 0.33 liters for retail sale and glass packaging of 1 liter, 0.25 liters for the HORECA market. For the youngest, GORSKA produces GORSKA JUNIOR, during which production, the strictest quality control and double filtration is performed. GORSKA is the leader in bottling and distribution of water in packed, returnable packaging of 19 liters and non-returnable packing of 10 liters.

In its range of products, Koding Gorska company lists the GORA soft drinks in PET packaging of 1.5l, 1l and 0.5l with orange, peach, green apple, multi-red, multivitamin flavors and the GORA ice teas in PET packaging of 1.5l, 1l and 0.5l with lemon, peach and cranberry flavor. Moreover, the range includes GORA carbonated drinks with Cola, Orange and Gazoza flavors. In the segment of energy drinks, the range is enriched with the energy drink bear GORSKA BEAR, coming in PET packaging of 0.33 l. For customers who pay greater attention to their health care, GORSKA offers L-carnitine water and Gorska isotonic in PET bottle packaging of 0.5l with a sports cap. Apart from soft drinks, GORSKA produces GORA non-carbonated juices enriched with pulp in PET packaging of 1,5l and 0,5l with lemon,orange,tangerine and mango-orange.

Because all of this and much more, GORSKA is a unique and real choice for refreshment at every opportunity.