Detoxification with water for better immunity system in autumn

During the summer days, solar energy positively impacts our health and our mood, but as autumn comes and sunny days become rare, our immunity declines and we become more susceptible to colds and other diseases.

In order to restore energy and prepare your body for the season in which viruses abound, we propose that you apply the following detoxification with water. The potion contains several ingredients that are available on our market and positively affect your immunity system.

For preparation, you need:

-           2 liters of water - Gorska voda

-           1 fresh cucumber

-           1 lemon (or 2 limes)

-           10 leaves of mint

First, wash the cucumber and the lemon well. Then, cut them in small pieces and put them together with the mint in a glass container. Pour the water - Gorska voda  and leave it in the fridge. Consume one glass of this detoxification drink per day.