Cold water as medicine

The main "active substance" of our body - water, apart from being thirst-quenching and keeping us alive, is also a powerful tool to deal with numerous health problems.

Instead of sedative

If you have problems with anxiety and excitement, we recommend washing your face with cold water. This technique reduces the body's reaction to stress. Cold water helps regulate the body heat, slows the heart rate and fairly quickly reduces anxiety.

For shiny hair

Washing your hair with cold water can make it shiny.  Namely, cold water combined with air helps strengthen the hair cuticle (the lining of the hair) and thus better reflects light.

To reduce weight

People has been debating for a long time whether drinking cold water can help lose weight, and now this is scientifically proved . Namely, using this "method", you can expect to burn additional 70 calories per day.

Reduces headache

One of the ways to get rid of headache without having to reach for a pill is taking a shower, intermittently changing hot and cold water. If this method seems too uncomfortable, you can try the following – dip gauze in cold water and place it on your forehead. This is supposed to ease the symptoms of headache.

Faster circulation and muscle recovery

As in the case of headache, intermittent exposure to hot and cold water can improve circulation, since warm water stimulates blood flow in the skin as to protect organs, while cold water brings blood to the organs and thus maintains the heat.

Cold water is also the secret of many professional athletes who use it to stimulate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and swelling.