Body detoxification after the holidays

Горска детоксикација

New Year and Christmas holidays have not ended yet, the tables are full of attractive food and alcohol is consumed more frequently. In order to enjoy the holidays without guilty conscience , you should think about after-holiday body detoxification. After this hedonistic period of excessive indulgence in food and drink, you should get back in shape and clear the body of the accumulated toxins. The body needs detoxification as to stay healthy and avoid all possible viruses and influenza. It is important to maintain the immune system and purify the body from various toxins harmful to our health.

The following tips are the best way to achieve this:

-          This is the first crucial advice when it comes to improving the function of the body. Maintaining optimum hydration of the body will affect your energy, as well as your appearance. If you would like to speed up the discharge of toxins from the body, add a little bit of lemon in the water – the lemon is known as a miracle for detoxification. A glass of Gorska with half a lemon juice is an ideal way to start the day.

-          The second important thing in this process is the input of large amounts of teas and water.  Green, white and marshmallow root tea are ideal for cleansing of the body as they stimulate secretion. In the remaining part of the day , apart from Gorska, drink natural juices. Healthy juices can be prepared at home in your juicer, all you need is beets, carrots, apples, supplemented with a little bit of parsley or mint for adding flavor.

-          Fruit can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but you should pay attention to the time of consuming. Fruit should be consumed immediately after the meal, it would be best to eat it as snack and 2 hours after the main meal. Fruits that should be consumed are apples, pears and grapefruit since they are rich in pectin - useful for reducing cholesterol levels. Grapefruit is a mild diuretic and is recommended for people who have problems with water retention in the body.

-          Forget fast food! Sandwiches, pancakes and other types of fast food are amazing source of toxins and healthy metabolism killers. Therefore, avoid them at least for a few days and prepare yourself a healthy meal full of dietary fiber and vitamins. We recommend broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, garlic, and  especially ginger.