Benefits of drinking sparkling mineral water

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions sparkling mineral water? Sparkling bubbles and refreshing taste! But, did you know that there are numerous benefits of drinking it? Besides maintaining the hydration of your body, the sparkling mineral water has other health benefits as a result of its balanced mineral content. Therefore, pour yourself a glass of Gorska sparkling water, add some lemon and enjoy while you work on improving your health!

Introduction to the basics: Hydration

There are a lot of people who do not like the taste of regular, non-sparkling water and therefore they do not drink enough water during the day. However, proper hydration is the key to optimal health condition and water is the perfect liquid for general hydration as it contains no calories or sugar. The adequate hydration improves wellbeing by cooling the body and maintaining the moisture of your mouth, nose and eyes, providing for optimal functioning of the muscles and joints, keeping your skin healthy, cleaning the body from toxins and improving cardiovascular health. If you cannot convince yourself to drink enough still water, then perhaps sparkling mineral water may “tickle” your taste and help you improve the daily hydration.

Rich source of calcium

There is a good reason why this water is called “mineral” water. It contains a significant level of minerals, including calcium. This mineral is known for its role in strengthening the bones and improving muscle functions (including the function of the heart muscle), cell signaling, neurotransmission and hormone secretion. The combination of balanced diet and drinking sparkling water, which contains minerals and mineral salts, ensures the welfare of your vital functions, psychological and physical health.

More magnesium into your diet

Magnesium plays an important role in many biological functions such as protein synthesis, muscle and nervous system function, as well as regulation of the blood sugar level and blood pressure. Magnesium is also needed for proper energy production. According to the study published by „The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition“, many people do not get sufficient amount of magnesium through their diets. The same study points out that the mineral water provides a significant amount of magnesium in a natural, non-caloric packaging.