The advantages of water consumption in children

Water is the major nutrient for all living organisms and its importance even greater in children than in adults. However, the importance is less stressed in the so-called nutritionists’ guides for children, so here we present the benefits that water can bring to young organisms.

Water has numerous roles in children's bodies and performs all of them through proper hydration of the body. If the body is not getting proper hydration, all other nutrients can not be effectively managed, the metabolism will not work effectively, while cellular function will be impaired in the entire body. When your child supplies its body with water, the nutritive value of the consumed food have more opportunities to be efficiently transported throughout all its internal organs.

Another role of water in the children's body, which is also very important, is the removal of toxins that can lead to various diseases. The regular supply of the body with adequate quantities of water can help the child cleanse its organs, so that the toxins can not cause damage.

Needs and benefits

The opinions that, since children are much smaller than adults, the amount of water they need to consume should be smaller than that of adults, are not true. In fact, children should drink more water to maintain adequate hydration of the body than the adults living in the same environment. Particular attention should be paid to the quantity of water taken while children are playing, running or having more intense physical activity.

Another important thing to remember is that the child’s thirst mechanism is not developed enough to trigger thirst before dehydration occurs, but usually the child starts drinking water when its body becomes dehydrated to some extent.

Improvement of school results

Another discovery regarding dehydration is that, the ability to concentrate and the quality of mental functioning are not possible if the child starts to dehydrate. Therefore, if your child is not drinking enough water, at school it can achieve results below average compared to other students, and this will  affect its final grades.

Better results in sports

When children do not take enough liquids, they have less desire and ability to perform physical activities, and even when being physically active, they will not be able to withstand very long, compared to children who are well hydrated. Therefore, children who are even mildly dehydrated will not be able to demonstrate an exceptional level and performance in their physical assignments.

Adequate growth and development

Apart from the physical and mental function, children need more water for normal growth and development, especially in the period when their bodies develop and grow faster. Since they have faster metabolism, children should consume more water and any reduction of water intake can lead to poor metabolic function, and thus to below optimum growth levels.

When you take all this into account, encouraging children to drink enough water is essential to prevent their dehydration. Although there are many others liquids available for drinking, such as fruit juices and soft drinks, yet they can not be compared to the benefits that children have of drinking pure spring water. Moreover, for the youngest one, it is advisable that they carry water bottles because this will serve as a reminder to drink more water. For this particular purpose, Gorska began producing Gorska Junior, the manufacturing of which is carried out under strictest quality control and with dual filtration, plus this water additionally contains all the necessary elements for normal development of children’s' bodies.