Accelerated metabolism for weight lost

Having a healthy lifestyle, healthy food intake and physical activity are the general ways by which you can improve your fitness, lose weight and feel much better, both physically and mentally. All these methods contribute to metabolism acceleration, which is actually the main secret of slimness. However, these methods do not include the "fast diets" and starvation which only provide immediate results, after which you gain double weight, the body is exhausted, you feel bad, the immune system is weakened and you are prone to illness.

Diets requiring you to be constantly hungry can only aggravate the work of metabolism, because the metabolism is the focus and it is constantly looking for "fuel" to sustain its operation and burn calories. The secret is to eat consistently, but to eat healthy food, and here are few foods that contribute to speeding up the metabolism and bring about visible results in losing weight or maintaining your body slim.

Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits for the body; it prevents heart diseases, it improves the immune system and plays a major role in accelerating metabolism and burning calories. In fact, according to some studies, regular consumption of green tea can increase calories brining for as much as 17%.


It is already known that coffee speeds up digestion and metabolism. However, its action in burning calories is short-term, so it should be consumed in moderate quantities.


Drinking water is very important for maintaining the metabolism power. Even the slightest dehydration can slow down metabolism and delay the burning of calories. Therefore, for normal operation of the body, it is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day.  Since you need to drink great quantities of water, you need to take care of the quality of water.  It should be clean, spring water, without harmful substances that can impair organ function. Therefore, water that comes straight from the spring being protected in clean and untouched nature, containing intact mineral composition is ideal for your health and a fitness, such as your favorite Gorska water.

What is more, make sure your Gorska water is well cooled before consumption because the body is forced to use more energy to warm the water, thus speeding up the metabolism and burning more calories.

Eat less, but more often

Metabolism is a "hotspot" which should be constantly maintained by adding "fuel". That is why it is recommended to eat more meals a day. That will not allow your metabolism to "turn off " because it will take much more effort to start all over again. If you have ever tries abundantly eating twice a day, it meant you have starved your body  and the metabolism did work continuously.  Try eating every 3 hours, by means of which the body will continuously consume energy and burn calories during digestion.


For good functioning of metabolism, it is important to exercise daily. Of course, this does not have to be strenuous exercise or several hour exhaustion, but recreational exercise which is always beneficial for body and metabolism functioning. This is actually is the most effective method for boosting metabolism and calorie burn. Remember, drink large quantities of water while exercising to hydrate the body and speed up calorie burn. For extra effect during exercise, you can drink sports water Gorska containing L-carnitine. This ingredient increases your strength and stamina, facilitates physical and mental strength, aids in creating muscle mass, and brings about other positive effects for your body. Moreover, when the body does not have sufficient quantities of L-carnitine due to dieting, it becomes difficult to maintain metabolic functions. Without L-carnitine, it is impossible to obtain energy through burning fat and therefore energy for bodily functions  is taken from the burning of protein and carbohydrates.

Spicy food

If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine or like slightly hot food, then this fact will make you happy.  Namely, occasional consumption of a slightly hot spice can vigorously boost metabolism and help burning calories.

If your goal is to lose weight or simply to maintain your weight, you should not exaggerate with strict dietary regimes, ban yourself certain meals or get exhausted in the gym. The same can be accomplished in a very simplified way.  Maybe the process will take longer, but it is far healthier, and its effects will be long-lasting. In fact, if these few tips become your daily routine, then you'll never have problems with your weight or your health.